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Common Creole words and Phrases


Creole/English Verb Tenses Chart (pdf)
A chart of different Creole verb tenses developed by Mercedes Pichard. An extremely useful tool for Haitian ESOL students, or anyone learning Creole, especially because temporal references are not always explicit in the language.

Educa Vision Resource Catalogue (pdf)
Several excellent Creole resources from dictionaries, to videos, to bilingual children's books, published or produced by EducaVision.com.

English/Creole Dictionary (Online)
Excellent online resource for quickly looking up Creole translations of English words.

English/Creole Educationalese Terms Dictionary (pdf)
Educational terms specific to the US, Florida, and Lee County translated into Haitian Creole (official translations for Lee County Schools).

Haiti—History Timeline (pdf)
History Timeline of Haiti from its discovery to the present time.

Resources-Haiti (pdf)
List of several excellent resources on Haiti (links), everything from Haitian Creole to Lesson Plans for Haitian Students. Compiled FIU University.

Spell Checker (Haitian Creole)
This Spell Checker is a Custom Dictionary compatible with Microsoft Office and has more than 17 000 words. I am currently adding approximately 1 000 words per week, so keep checking this page for updates.

Spelling (IPN Official)
Document that details the different spelling systems used for Haitian Creole and the official International Phonetics Association (IPA) spelling system.



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